Quick vs Quality HVAC Installation

A quality HVAC installation is the foundation of a good HVAC experience. If corners are cut, customers will experience a lack of efficiency and comfort and need to replace their units quicker. Below, we cover the importance of a quality HVAC installation, what happens with poor installations, and what contractors can do to ensure they […]

What Is the Difference Between In-House vs. Outsourced HVAC Management?

Apartment building in the background with text overlay stating "Heather Tewahade Interview: In-house vs outsourced HVAC management"

Between balancing internal resources and considering the depth of insight into your HVAC systems, there are options to consider when it comes to HVAC system maintenance and repair. Heather Tewahade is Motili’s National Account Manager. She has been in the multifamily housing industry for 22 years and she is on the board of directors for […]

Your Guide to A2L Refrigerants

HVAC unit with refrigerant meter. Text is overlayed reading "Your guide to A2L refrigerants"

Refrigerants are a dynamic component in the HVAC industry. They are constantly evolving and being pushed towards higher sustainability standards to meet government regulations and consumer expectations. Refrigerants are essential for HVAC systems. However, the industry is facing the challenge to meet high standards and address pressing environmental concerns without compromising safety. The industry has […]

Matt Sallee Interview: Motili’s Brand Explained

What is Motili? As Motili is part of the Daikin group, Motili retains a unique position in the HVAC industry. Our technology platform and national distribution and contractor networks coupled with Daikin and Goodman’s services enable Motili to provide superior HVAC management to building owners and operators across the nation. Read more about what Motili […]

Motilicares 2021 Recap

Since the inception of Motilicares in 2020, created to support restaurants and healthcare workers during the beginning of the pandemic, it has been adopted and embraced by internal employees and is ingrained into Motili’s culture. 2021 was a successful year for the nonprofit. Between the efforts driven by passionate employees and local disaster response, employee […]

R-32 Refrigerant: Top Three Benefits

On a hot day, we want to find a cool escape inside. We turn on our air conditioning units and expect cool air to come out of our vents. How does your system cool down your home? Refrigerants play a major role in making this possible. In the past, the HVAC industry has seen various […]

Variables That Influence an HVAC Project’s Cost

Everyone wants to make smart financial decisions. When it comes to HVAC, purchasing one or more HVAC units is a significant, long-term commitment. You want to choose the right type of unit and get the most out of your investment. Cost is a major factor, and there are quite a few variables that will affect […]

Top Three Reasons Why HVAC Preventive Maintenance is Worthwhile

Neglecting preventive maintenance can initiate a series of issues. These issues can be silent and end up causing more problems than you started with. Between living in our homes, working at the office, eating at restaurants, or grocery shopping, we spend an accumulation of about 90 percent of our time indoors which means HVAC systems can affect us […]