Quick vs Quality HVAC Installation

A quality HVAC installation is the foundation of a good HVAC experience. If corners are cut, customers will experience a lack of efficiency and comfort and need to replace their units quicker. Below, we cover the importance of a quality HVAC installation, what happens with poor installations, and what contractors can do to ensure they provide quality work.

What is the importance of a quality HVAC installation?

The EPA reported that 4/10 homes built in the United States contain improper HVAC installation and design. This tells me that the industry could benefit from increased education around proper installations and the importance of doing a quality versus a quick installation. Quality installations are important for everyone. Contractors can grow their HVAC business and improve their reputation by doing quality work and keeping the building owner’s best interest in mind. Those who reside in the home and the buildings benefit as well as quality installations are more comfortable and provide a safer environment.

If you don’t focus on a quality installation, what are you missing out on?

You miss out on a lot. Many times, it’s easier to just sell at a lower price and then do a very quick installation. However, you tend to get what you paid for. Skipping out on a quality installation will leave you missing out on energy efficiency, improved comfort, better air quality, and longer equipment life. All these aspects add up, and you end up paying more than you initially would have and experience many other benefits if you would have just had a quality installation in the first place.

How can contractors ensure that they’re taking action and doing quality installations?

ACCA created a quality installation standard that is endorsed by the American National Standards Institute. Contractors should check the ACCA website for documents on quality standard procedures, and they should follow them when designing, installing, maintaining, repairing, and verifying indoor environment systems. The ACCA also has a 6-hour video series on training for quality installation standards. By not following these standards that are recommended by ACCA, you can increase annual energy consumption by 30% or more. And that’s definitely something we want to avoid.


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Ready to learn How Motili can help your business?

Send us just a little info and we will get back to you to walk you through the demo.