Grow Your HVAC Business in Two Easy Steps

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Many HVAC contractors recognize that after long days of diagnosing problems, pulling permits, picking up parts and installing equipment, checking on employees and jobs, generating quotes, and trying to find time to bill customers… finding new work can take a back seat. You could be doing great work for existing clients, but what happens when things slow down?

One way a contractor could grow their business is by advertising, digitally or traditionally. They could generate leads, follow up with the leads and bid against other contractors. This is often a challenging and time-consuming process, which requires a skill-set that’s not one that every contractor has. Not only that, but often a contractor just doesn’t have time to follow up with every Home Advisor lead. Contractors are spending a staggering amount on online ads, while often getting poor leads which don’t lead to revenue and actually cost valuable time.

What if contractor jobs were more like Uber is for drivers? Instead of waiting on a street corner for a fare, Uber drivers get a notification when a job is available so there is less downtime. Now this same principle can be applied to contractors. With services like Fixer, or Amazon Home Services, contractors have much easier access to real jobs, without having to follow up with leads and sell services or even bid on jobs. There is still a downside, though. Either you’re paying for access to these jobs or you’re losing a % of the revenue.

Motili’s business to business solution costs contractors nothing. There are no ads, no revenue share, no fees. Once a contractor joins the Motili network, they are eligible to receive projects on a first come first serve basis. This option is primarily interesting for established contractors who are able to scale efficiently and handle 2-10 installs a day. With a large single-family, multi-family and commercial portfolio of nationwide customers, Motili relies on its contractor network to efficiently complete jobs.

Because the jobs are widely available, Motili works to streamline the job process for contractors to maximize efficacy for customers.

In fact, scheduling a new job only takes 2 steps.

1. Review The Job

Review Job in Motili Contractor App

After you become a Motili contractor, you’ll receive emails about jobs in your area. In the busy season, Motili has up to 13,000 jobs a month that need contractors.

Click the link in the email to learn more about the job and where it’s located. The job might be a repair, a replacement, or a new install.

You can read a description of the job, see where the job is located, and learn what your payout is. You don’t need to submit a bid or negotiate with the client—Motili uses regional labor rates.

2. Schedule The Job

Schedule Job in Motili Contractor App

The homeowner picks 3 times slots when the work can be performed. Choose the most convenient time for you and accept the job.

You’ll receive an email confirmation with the Work Order number. If the job requires new equipment, Motili orders it and the equipment and parts are listed in the Work Order. You can choose to pick up the equipment or have it delivered.

When you show up to do the work, Motili’s Mobile app lets you upload photos of the job, enter comments about the work you performed, and submit the Work Order for payment. After submission, you are paid within 30 days.

Motili contractors perform preventative maintenance also. Lots of contractors use Motili to supplement regular work when the slow season comes. You can set a geographic area that you serve, and expand or reduce it to control how many jobs you get.

Sound interesting? Learn more and apply, on our contractor page.

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Ready to learn How Motili can help your business?

Send us just a little info and we will get back to you to walk you through the demo.

Ready to learn How Motili can help your business?

Send us just a little info and we will get back to you to walk you through the demo.