Multi-Tenant Property Manager

Multi-Tenant Property Manager | Motili

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are essential tools for measuring the success of a property management business. They provide valuable insights into how well a company is performing and can help identify areas for improvement. For multi-tenant property managers, several key KPIs should be closely monitored to ensure multiple properties’ efficient and profitable management. These KPIs […]

Preventative HVAC Maintenance

Preventative HVAC Maintenance | Motili

Preventative HVAC maintenance is essential to maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system.  Regular maintenance ensures that your HVAC system is functioning at its best, providing you with a comfortable indoor environment and reducing the likelihood of costly repairs. Motili is a leading provider of preventative HVAC maintenance services, […]

How to Increase Multi-Family Resident Satisfaction

How to Increase Multi-Family Resident Satisfaction

The multi-family housing industry is extremely competitive, and successful property owners and managers quickly learn the value of retaining quality residents. It’s not only more cost efficient to keep  long-term residents, but these known relationships reduce risk, their testimonies serve as a valuable marketing tool, and the communities they form can even increase property values. […]

Motili Help Center

Motili Help Center | Contractors New Help Center | Motili

The Help Center released by Motili will assist you in quickly and efficiently using the Motili Contractor Platform and the Motili Mobile App. You’ll find instructions and tips for accepting a Motili job, uploading photos of the work you perform, ordering parts and equipment, submitting the Work Order, getting paid promptly, and troubleshooting. The Motili […]

What is Digital Zoning in HVAC, and Who Should Use It?

What is Digital Zoning in HVAC, and Who Should Use It? | Digital Zoning in HVAC | Motili

Most HVAC systems are controlled by a single thermostat, often centrally located to regulate the heating and cooling of an entire property based on the temperature in one spot. As practically any property owner knows, however, few buildings maintain constant temperatures throughout all areas, leaving some rooms warmer than the thermostat settings, while other areas […]

HVAC Facilities Management

hvac facilities management

Effective facility management has never been more important. As buildings grow smarter, and the sophistication of technology increases, advanced skill and expertise are required to prevent costly business disruptions. A dedicated facilities manager helps ensure proper maintenance and leverages data insights to promote efficiencies. The facilities manager accomplishes these goals by ensuring all aspects of […]

Indoor Air Quality in Multifamily Housing

Indoor Air Quality in Multifamily Housing | Motili

Indoor air quality landed on the radar of consumers worldwide in 2020 due to an airborne virus that turned into a global pandemic. However, improving the IAQ in some buildings proved more challenging than others.  Apartment dwellers face a variety of obstacles to reach optimal IAQ conditions as they are most likely sharing air with […]

Improve Indoor Air Quality in Multi-Family

Improve Indoor Air Quality in Multi-Family | Motili

Indoor air quality continues to be a hot topic in the multi-family housing community despite the global coronavirus pandemic beginning to phase out in some places. In fact, when AirAdvice conducted an IAQ study of almost 50,000 American homes, it found some alarming results. An astounding 96.7% of all homes had at least one of […]

HVAC Systems for Apartment Buildings

HVAC Systems for Apartment Buildings | Motili

A few different types of HVAC systems are suitable for apartment buildings. Those certainly include centralized systems (hot water baseboard, two-pipe, four-pipe, and geothermal systems…). But if the building already has one, you have no choice. Decentralized systems offer more freedom. For example, baseboard heaters and wall units are relatively cheap to install. At the same time, self-contained […]

HVAC For Commercial Buildings

HVAC for commercial buildings

When planning for a new building, it’s impossible to avoid questions about the best HVAC system. Should you install a residential HVAC system or a commercial HVAC system? What’s the difference between the two types, and how do those differences affect their operation and efficiency?  While the underlying principles of heating and cooling residential and […]