Six Challenges to Achieving Optimal IAQ in Multi-family Buildings

Indoor air quality landed on the radar of consumers worldwide in 2020 due to an airborne virus that turned into a global pandemic. However, improving the IAQ in some buildings proved more challenging than others.  Apartment dwellers face a variety of obstacles to reach optimal IAQ conditions as they are most likely sharing air with […]

8 Effective Ways to Improve IAQ in Multi-family Buildings

Indoor air quality continues to be a hot topic in the multi-family housing community despite the global coronavirus pandemic beginning to phase out in some places. In fact, when AirAdvice conducted an IAQ study of almost 50,000 American homes, it found some alarming results. An astounding 96.7% of all homes had at least one of […]

Smart IAQ Monitoring Systems Test for Common Indoor Pollutants

Buildings are growing smarter every day. It wasn’t all that long ago when robotic vacuums and voice assistants were little more than science fiction. But in 2021, artificial intelligence combined with the Internet of Things can transform even the most traditional of structures into smart buildings.  The array of smart appliances and other smart home […]

Top 4 HVAC and IAQ Trends of 2021

The global COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 brought a renewed focus on indoor air quality. After all, people were getting sick from an airborne virus. Increased demand for improved IAQ only makes sense considering the dangers associated with COVID-19. HVAC and specifically indoor ventilation plays a key role in minimizing viral transmission. As the world continues to […]

Switching from Gas to Electric HVAC Systems Supports Clean Energy Initiatives


During his second full month in office, President Joe Biden introduced a $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan with plenty of emphasis on battling climate change. Not only did the plan include $174 billion to boost the electric vehicle market, but it also featured $100 billion to update the country’s electrical grid. This creates more resilience to […]

HVAC System Cleaning Boosts Energy Efficiency and Lowers Climate Control Expenses


There’s never a bad time to boost HVAC efficiency. More than 76 percent of all the electricity used in the United States goes towards controlling the climate of residential and commercial buildings. Unfortunately, 25 to 40 percent of that energy is wasted, according the U.S. Department of Energy. Increasing HVAC efficiency can not only reduce […]

Polyimides: A New Discovery for More Energy Efficient Dehumidifiers

Polyimides: A new discovery for dehumidifiers

Anyone who pays a utility bill knows the impact their HVAC system can have on the energy usage of their home and business. Heating, cooling and ventilating a building can comprise more than three-quarters of the electricity used in both residential and commercial buildings. This is especially true on hot, humid days and cold, frigid […]

Your Springtime HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Practically any home or property owner can attest that seasonal maintenance is essential to ensure HVAC systems run as effectively and efficiently as possible. Simple tasks like changing filters can have a huge impact on HVAC operations. Some maintenance tasks are easy to recognize, some are hard to remember, and others might completely slip your […]

Self-Storage Boom Continues in America and Beyond

Self-Storage Boom Continues in America and Beyond Blog Post Header

In 2020, it’s practically impossible to drive through any town or city without seeing a few storage facilities. The self-storage market has boomed over the past decade, and more locations pop up every day. In fact, the industry has grown by an average of 7.7 percent each year since 2012. Why the storage boom? A […]

Can HVAC Systems Help Prevent Spread of COVID-19?

Can HVAC Systems Help Prevent Spread of COVID-19 Blog Post Header

As the novel coronavirus and accompanying COVID-19 infection continue to dominate headlines – and rightfully so – many around the world still seek any additional information scientists can learn about the virus and how it is transmitted. After all, beneficial preventative measures can only be developed based on data. Why are some seemingly immune while […]