Facility Managers vs Contractors: What Is the Difference?

When HVAC issues arise, it can be tempting to always rely on the facility manager. After all, isn’t that what they’re there for? As a jack of all trades, the important position helps manage the property’s operations, including the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. And while it can save money to use the facility […]

Key Differences Between a Heat Pump and an Air Conditioner

When it’s time to upgrade and replace a building’s HVAC system, many consumers are overwhelmed by the available options. How can they know what type of system best suits their needs? It’s often up to the HVAC professional to guide them through the options and help them make the best decision. But explaining the differences […]

Future Sustainability Trends in HVAC

Sustainability continues to be a driving force in HVAC innovations. A focus among nearly all industries, steps toward sustainability have grown within reach thanks to green technology and other advancements. Sustainable HVAC, however, still has its challenges. After all, new technologies are expensive to develop, and most consumers aren’t prepared to pay the higher prices […]

HVAC Energy Efficiency

Property management companies and property owners are reducing their carbon footprint by implementing new and innovative HVAC systems. Innovative tools are now available to them to help them measure and track their efficiency efforts, ultimately maximizing energy efficiency with HVAC optimization. Here are some trends in the HVAC realm of sustainability and energy efficiency:  Integrated […]

HVAC Preventative Maintenance Plan


Managing a successful multi-family property requires some serious multitasking. Whether you’re a landlord or a property manager, you’ve got plenty of duties that need your attention every day, and there will always be a never-ending stream of maintenance HVAC requests. Some maintenance, like landscaping and cleaning common areas, is pretty routine and easy to plan, […]

HVAC Industry Pricing Trends in 2022

HVAC industry pricing trends

If any HVAC industry trend has continued in 2022, it’s significant pricing increases. Manufacturers seem to make one announcement after another informing their customers of rising costs. Some have announced increases as much as 38%, while it’s not unusual to see increases ranging from 3% to 20% higher than 2020 levels. HVAC professionals around the […]

HVAC Technology Trends

The increasing focus on energy efficiency and new technologies are already reshaping the heating and air conditioning industry. HVAC professionals are looking to develop highly efficient equipment and products that embrace a future of limited heat loss, reduced waste, and a greener environment. As the development of improved innovations to monitor energy usage emerges, the new HVAC […]

HVAC Industry Trends and The Emerging Technology in The Self-Storage Industry

HVAC Industry Trends | Self-Storage Industry | Motili

On the surface, the storage industry isn’t one that many would consider very technologically adept. Self-storage and warehousing are somewhat straightforward – a lot, empty buildings, locks, and electricity are all that are needed for success, right? Owners and operators involved in the storage business may tell you otherwise. A successful self-storage business needs marketing, […]

How Motili’s Integrations Enhance User Experience

Woman sitting and looking at her laptop with text overlay that states "how Motili's integrations enhance user experience"

Integration is key in today’s software market. In fact, practically all software exists as part of an ecosystem of platforms, each providing complementary solutions to enhance the user experience. As more software becomes cloud-based, the ability to share data with other tools has made integration an achievable, straightforward process. Integrated software benefits users in a […]