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Technology has invaded practically every aspect of our lives. Consider how often we check something on our phones throughout the day, whether it’s browsing social media, shopping, banking, or scheduling. Businesses now are just as reliant on technology, and the multifamily real estate sector is no exception along with the HVAC multi-family technology .

An entire sector, commonly known as PropTech, is devoted to technology platforms designed to assist in buying, selling, renting or owning a home. PropTech investments have increased five times the pace of total U.S. businesses since 2013 – more than $10 billion in 2019 alone.

What does all this PropTech do? It involves a lot more than intelligent locks or cloud-based security. Some platforms provide almost complete property management, while others enhance specific aspects of the business.

Multi-Family Technology Solutions

The following seven technology companies are making an impact on the HVAC multi-family technology industry:


Motili platform provides multi-family property owners and managers with turnkey HVAC and hot water management solutions. Thanks to its asset tagging and tracking across entire company portfolios, Motili clients save time and money – while boosting resident satisfaction – with proactive and reactive repairs and replacements. The cutting-edge platform offers detailed statuses and reporting of HVAC projects, automated scheduling, dispatching, text- or email-based notifications, and a mobile app that contractors can update in real-time. In addition, Motili’s advanced reporting and analytics help clients proactively determine the most efficient times for maintenance and equipment replacements.


Yardi offers real estate software products to provide technical innovation and responsiveness to client needs. Now a global software leader, Yardi’s property management solutions are embraced by more than 20,000 organizations, including multi-family properties. The Yardi Breeze and Yardi Voyager platforms feature accounting, operations, and support processes for real estate companies of any size. In addition, with the Yardi Multifamily Suite, users can rely on a single connected tool for marketing, resident screening, insurance, revenue management, and business intelligence.


The cloud-based property management system offers solutions for multi-family companies of any size. The platform features accounting, budgeting, purchasing, document management, maintenance, and reporting tools. With RealPage, users can not only organize and store electronic records but also automate service requests and manage assets. It even provides a resident portal with online payment options, automatic notifications, electronic lease renewal, and management and maintenance tickets. Property owners and managers can also access market analytics with RealPage, which helps forecast optimal performance and transactional data. Plus, its AI resident-screening tools score prospective residents and save clients an average of $31 per unit annually.

Motili HVAC Multi-Family Technology Solutions


Multi-family property managers rely on AppFolio for a cloud-based platform that automates and modernizes their businesses. The single mobile solution features online applications, leases and payments, built-in resident screening, maintenance requests, inspections, bulk messaging, accounting and reporting solutions, and online portals for owners and renters. Appfolio clients also enjoy benefits such as vacancy and rent tracking, insurance for both renters and landlords, marketing and website building tools, rent comparisons, and many more resources that aid in the operation of multi-family properties – all in easy-to-use software and a mobile app.


This software provider offers multi-family companies an AI solution for property management. The LeaseHawk Performance Platform and its virtual leasing assistance optimize the leasing process and close leases faster by answering calls, providing chat requests, creating guest cards, and setting appointments anytime. The platform does far more than set appointments, however. LeaseHawk’s ACE AI can assist prospective residents with more than 130 leasing inquiries, including pricing and availability requests.


An industry leader since releasing its first workstation computer more than 40 years ago, PERQ launched its cutting-edge marketing cloud for multi-family companies in 2019. PERQ’s AI-driven technology solutions are designed to provide multi-family property businesses with data-driven strategies that not only cut the costs of acquiring new residents but also provide an essential bridge between digital and on-site marketing and leasing efforts.

PERQ Marketing Cloud clients also enjoy automated processes and AI technology that boost efficiencies – and profits. For example, rather than simply establishing a property website, multi-family clients can harness AI technology to understand better who is visiting the site and what they are looking for in a multi-family community, providing a clear competitive advantage.


Security is a common feature of all multi-family property businesses. After all, every unit needs a key, and mismanaged keys reduce resident safety and open up entire properties to unnecessary risk. Since its establishment in 1987, KeyTrak has provided electronic key and asset management systems for companies worldwide, boosting security and reducing costs. According to KeyTrak, an electronic key control system can save property managers as much as 2-3 minutes each time they retrieve a key – a minimal amount of time that quickly expands each day. The system also helps track prospective residents by scanning their driver’s licenses each time they ask to tour a property and streamlines processes like package deliveries.

HVAC Multi-Family Technology

Motili HVAC Multi-Family Technology Solutions

Motili’s platform is one of the latest innovative solutions that allows property owners and managers to efficiently manage HVAC multi-family technology projects for multiple property types like apartment communities and commercial buildings.

Sustainability, automation, and data management are core values upheld throughout the entire HVAC management process.

The Motili solution includes a web platform that provides detailed work status and reporting, automated scheduling and contractor dispatching, text and email notifications, and a mobile app for contractors. It can easily integrate with existing client systems. Our finely-tuned process boosts efficiency, reduces cost, and can ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

Motili’s cutting-edge technology will help property owners manage their HVAC and hot water systems through technology, proactive and reactive repair, and replacement projects.

The experts at Motili possess the knowledge and tools to guide you through all types of HVAC projects properly.


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Ready to learn How Motili can help your business?

Send us just a little info and we will get back to you to walk you through the demo.