Motili Contractors: Save Time with the New Help Center

The Help Center released by Motili today will assist you in quickly and efficiently using the Motili Contractor Platform and the Motili Mobile App. You’ll find instructions and tips for accepting a Motili job, uploading photos of the work you perform, ordering parts and equipment, submitting the Work Order, getting paid promptly, and troubleshooting.

The Motili Help Center contains:

  • Updated Documentation – Learn to use all or part of the Contractor Platform and the Mobile App. Screens shots show real-life examples of the software.
  • Prominent Search – Easily search for content from the Home page and from every topic.
  • Focused Navigation – This site is for documentation and documentation only, with clear and focused navigation.
  • PDFs – Commonly-requested PDFs are posted on the Home page. Download them and use them today.
  • Built in feedback – We love to hear your feedback. Email us at

Launch the Help Center

Go to to launch the Help Center.

launching the motili help center

If you are already logged in to the Contractor Platform, click the Help icon, and choose Online Help.

Navigate the Help Center

Type your question in the Search bar and go directly to your answer. For example, to join the Motili contractor network, you need to upload your W-9 Taxpayer ID form. Type upload W-9 in the Search bar, review the results, and go directly to the instructions.

motili contractor w9

Search is also available from every topic and will retrieve the same results as a search from the Home page. If a topic has a graphic, hover over it to view it and then move away from the graphic to return to the text.


The menus at the top of the Home page let you choose a subject and narrow it down to a specific topic.

motili contractor help center drop down menu

You can view a related topic, such as When to Add Equipment or Parts, by clicking that link. To return to this page, click Navigate Previous or click Back.

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