Motili Interview Series: Amy Tiemann, President and CEO, TM1 Properties

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Amy Tiemann is a multi-family investor and consultant, and President of TM1 Properties. She was recently featured in Forbes, with a piece on due diligence in multifamily investing. In the below interview we get to know Amy, her whirlwind journey into real estate investing and property management, and her views on proptech and importance of […]

Property Management Companies Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The battle against COVID-19 has turned 2020 into a year of uncertainty, as the pandemic’s full impact on practically every industry remains in question. Multi-family real estate and property management is no exception, as both renters and landlords face growing rates of unemployment and illness with no clear solutions in sight. How will rent and […]

The Value of Preventative HVAC Maintenance for Multi-family and Commercial Real Estate Executives

The Value of Preventative HVAC Maintenance for Multi-family and Commercial Real Estate Executives Blog Post Header

For multi-family and commercial building owners and operators malfunctioning HVAC systems lead to lost revenue. Whether it’s through decreased resident satisfaction, spoiled product, increasing energy bills, or expensive repairs, improperly installed, outdated or broken HVAC systems decrease in energy efficiency between 10% – 35%. Regular preventative maintenance can keep HVAC systems in optimal efficiency and […]

Why Should Property Managers Upgrade with Smart Technology?

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Ever since Amazon’s Alexa launched the idea of a smart home into the galactic lexicon, we’ve seen a race to conquer any and every task with technology. These advancements enable a variety of devices to be connected and controlled by a single gadget. In smart homes, lighting, heating and air conditioning units, surveillance cameras, televisions, […]