2020 Trends in HVAC Technology

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As climate change remains a hot topic around the world, the HVAC industry is taking a hard look at itself. After all, HVAC technology hasn’t always been designed with the environment in mind. A variety of trends have been shaping the HVAC industry in recent years, designed to make systems not only more efficient, but […]

Motili Releases MACI PropTech Tool

Just in time for the 2019 OpTech show, Motili unveiled a new proprietary property technology tool, for multi-family and commercial property owners and operators. The new tool, called the Mobile Asset Condition Index, or MACI, was developed to provide institutional multi-family and commercial property owners and operators with a clear view of their HVAC systems. […]

7 Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption by Winterizing HVAC Systems

As summer fades into fall, and the days grow cooler, we might be anxious to start heating our homes and offices. But changing from air conditioning to heat isn’t as simple as flipping a switch. Without proper maintenance, our HVAC systems are far more inefficient, wasting precious energy. To optimize energy efficiency, lower electric bills […]

Motili and PTI Security Systems Join Forces to Deliver HVAC Remote Monitoring

As a result of several internal HVAC building systems asset audit projects, it became apparent that some climate-controlled self-storage property owners and operators don’t have clear visibility into their existing HVAC assets. Many owners and operators simply do not have time to monitor their HVAC systems manually, especially at enterprise-level facilities spread across multiple cities […]

Five Simple Ways To Help Multifamily Buildings Go Green

More than 38 million Americans live in buildings with five or more households. That’s a lot of opportunity for energy efficiency. Going green not only satisfies tenants’ demands but adds to the overall value of a development – both reasons property owners and managers benefit from building upgrades that improve energy efficiency. In fact, it’s […]

Is Energy Efficient Refrigeration Enough to Meet Climate Change Deadline?

The urgent need to address climate change has gained renewed focus since late last year when the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned we have as few as 12 years to reduce global emissions by 45 percent. Should we not meet that goal – and average global temperatures rise by more than 2 […]

Future HVAC Technology Will Focus on Sustainability, Automation and Data

Since the first electric furnace was developed in 1861, HVAC technology has forever transformed the way we live. No longer are we huddled next to the fire to keep warm in winter or sleeping outside in the hot summer months. The first century or so in HVAC technology was dominated by mechanical developments, but electronics […]

HVAC Upgrades Reduce Environmental Impact

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Homeowners and single-family property owners alike know how energy-intensive their heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems can be. In fact, HVAC systems account for on average 39 percent of all electricity used in commercial buildings. But according to the U.S. Department of Energy, upwards of 30 percent of HVAC costs are lost to waste. It’s […]