HVAC Systems Airflow

What Can Cause Uneven Airflow in Your Customer’s HVAC System? | Common problems on HVAC service calls is ueven airflow | Motili

When temperatures begin changing throughout the year, customers expect their HVAC system to respond to their demands. But issues can arise that cause inefficiencies. One of the more common problems you may find on service calls is uneven airflow.

It’s tricky to deal with at times because pinpointing the issue can be challenging. And if the problem goes untreated, they’ll likely suffer from higher energy costs. However, we’ll outline a few reasons why your customer’s HVAC unit might have an airflow problem.

HVAC Systems Airflow

Clogged Air Filters

Air filters are one of the components that help an HVAC system run efficiently. They clean a property’s air by filtering out pollen, pet dander, debris, and other pollutants. But if routine maintenance gets neglected, the filter will likely clog, creating an airflow problem.

Advise customers on the best practices by detailing a preventative maintenance checklist. Let them know air filters should get cleaned monthly, and if they live in a more humid climate, to change it every three or four months.

Incorrect Unit Size

Some homeowners make the mistake of buying the incorrect unit size for their property. The belief is that the bigger the unit, the more efficient its cooling prowess is. Unfortunately, if an HVAC system is too big for the required cycles, it will frequently turn on and off. As a result, this will increase the unit’s wear and tear.

On the other hand, an undersized system will have to work twice as hard to meet customer demands. When you arrive for a service call, ask the customer what the issue is. Then measure their system to see if it’s the adequate size. If not, recommend a top manufacturer like Daikin, which will have solutions to their needs.

Clogged/Poorly Installed Ducts

Ducts are another essential part of an HVAC unit because they transfer air from one area of a home to the next. When there’s a lack of maintenance, debris will build, which can cause significant issues like leaks and hinder indoor air quality. Furthermore, a customer’s energy bills will see a severe spike.

Poorly installed ducts can also cause uneven airflow in a home. Too many bends can restrict air passage, leading to poor circulation throughout the house. So, contractors must check the ducts to see if they need repairs or replacement. Since duct maintenance can vary, upskilling is important, and you can do so by enrolling in the ACCA’s duct diagnostic and repair course.

Thermostat Issues

Blocked Air Vents

Now and then, you’ll get a service call that might leave customers embarrassed because the issue was simple. While clogged air filters, incorrect unit size, and ductwork problems can hinder airflow, blocked air vents are also a culprit.

Most times, customers aren’t aware that vents are blocked because of furniture or that some are closed. Inspect the home to see where the issues may be. Have customers rearrange their furniture and open vents so proper airflow can continue. 


Thermostat Issues

Sometimes airflow issues have nothing to do with the unit itself; the thermostat might be the cause. It controls the home temperature to match a customer’s ideal comfort level. Although, they can become faulty from time to time, leading to an uncomfortable environment.

For battery-operated thermostats, change the batteries to get them working again. If the batteries aren’t the problem, open the console and check for dust and debris. Small particles can cause malfunctions; you can eliminate them by dusting the inside with a small brush. Some thermostats might also need recalibration to fix temperature issues. Or if all else fails, replace it with a better option.

HVAC Contractors Technology & Motili HVAC Solutions

HVAC Contractors Technology & Motili HVAC Solutions

It’s simple for facility managers to connect with contractors when they use Motili, and HVAC contractors no longer need to scramble to find steady work year-round. As a result, it’s now easier than ever to grow an HVAC contractor business with the Motili app. 

Technology allows HVAC contractors to accept jobs from the app and clear communication with details about new jobs, service calls, and work orders. In addition, contractors using the Motili app can view and accept jobs as they become available for ongoing, consistent work. Since Motili averages more than 50,000 new system installs and more than 90,000 service work orders each year, there is plenty of work to go around.

How Does it Work?

Motili notifies contractors when a client needs service. Contractors choose which jobs to accept, but there’s no competition with other contractors once a position is taken. Motili provides the equipment, saving the contractor time and energy.


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Ready to learn How Motili can help your business?

Send us just a little info and we will get back to you to walk you through the demo.