Multi-Family HVAC Contractors

multi-family hvac contractors

The multi-family property market has risen over the last few years. With increasing demands from investors, renters, and homeowners, these properties are here to stay. They offer what older apartment complexes of the past couldn’t; quality construction, ideal locations, and energy efficiency.

The multi-family property demographic spreads wide since these units can be used as apartment complexes, student housing, and senior housing. Although the builds are more modern, HVAC solutions will always be a key component for ensuring the quality of life remains high.

multi-family hvac system

HVAC Services in These Different Areas

Since multi-family properties can have different uses, there are bound to be issues that appear over time. However, installation, repairs, and maintenance may differ between each unit. Let’s look at a few key differences HVAC contractors might face when servicing multi-family areas.


Tenants in apartment complexes will always want complete control over their home’s comfort. The units of choice will need to meet the demands of multiple people at once, which presents a few challenges. For example, property owners will need to estimate how much energy is necessary to help the system function efficiently throughout the year.

That’s only easy to do with accurate information, and that’s where experienced contractors step in. Motili’s preventative maintenance programs make it easier than ever to care for individual systems. Furthermore, additional insight with a complete view of the units makes it easier than ever for property owners to make impactful decisions that will raise tenant satisfaction.

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Student Housing

Student housing often presents challenges like apartments since these units have various layouts. You’ll often see communal spaces with shared HVAC systems and other power sources, leading to higher energy consumption. Plus, students often report issues late, leading to reactive service and higher costs for property owners.

For the most effective HVAC solutions, data insights are essential. One key metric that can help contractors diagnose an issue is unit runtime. Thermostats get set at a specific point to combat the effects of outdoor elements. But when an HVAC unit runs for extended periods, it can signify the unit needs servicing or that something is hindering its efficiency, like an open window.

Multi-family HVAC contractors can use the runtime data for further insight when comparing it to other residences. Although HVAC issues may not have appeared in different apartments, using the data is the most effective way to determine if a unit is on its way there. It’s also helpful for deciding how to resolve the issue. With the additional data from Motili’s technology platform, institutions and property owners can remain proactive.

Senior Living

Senior or assisted living facilities greatly rely on their HVAC systems. A lack of heating or cooling during extreme temperatures may cause an emergency for those living on the property. People aged 60 and older can have difficulty with bodily changes, which is why comfort is a priority at these institutions. So they can’t afford lengthy outages.

With the various issues of those living at these facilities, indoor air quality (IAQ) is a significant concern. And for contractors providing solutions, air filtration and ventilation will be focal points. Preventative maintenance measures are always crucial, and you should provide that information during any job. But if the system is too far gone, replacement is best to ensure no one remains vulnerable. 

multi-family hvac

Daikin’s Influence on HVAC Solutions in Multi-Family Properties

Comfort is important for anyone, especially those in multi-family properties since they share a space with others. Remember, part of your duty as a contractor is to give clients insight into HVAC solutions that can increase their comfort levels.

Daikin can do just that.

They are the largest air conditioner manufacturer in the United States, with a wide range of air conditioning products to meet anyone’s needs. Daikin’s core technologies revolve around heat pumps, inverters, and refrigerant control to provide the most energy-efficient options for customers looking to maximize comfort while lowering costs. 

Furthermore, their focus on sustainability sets them apart from their competitors. Daikin’s president Masanori Togawa makes that message clear in his statement: 

“The rising cost of energy, in especially recent years, presents the Daikin Group with an opportunity to spread our products and services with low environmental impact worldwide because of our leading environmental technologies of inverters and refrigerants with lower global warming potential.”


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Ready to learn How Motili can help your business?

Send us just a little info and we will get back to you to walk you through the demo.