How Motili’s Integrations Enhance User Experience

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Integration is key in today’s software market. In fact, practically all software exists as part of an ecosystem of platforms, each providing complementary solutions to enhance the user experience. As more software becomes cloud-based, the ability to share data with other tools has made integration an achievable, straightforward process.

Integrated software benefits users in a variety of ways, including:

  • Integrated software boosts productivity by reducing the time needed to operate separate tools.
  • Integrations improve data flow by allowing for real-time data synchronization, minimizing the risk of accessing outdated or inaccurate data.
  • Integrations improve data accessibility by compiling all the necessary data in one place with a unified view.
  • Integrating software tools helps simplify data by hosting it in a central platform where it’s easier to analyze.
  • Integrations enable faster business processes by automating tasks, increasing speed, improving efficiencies, and supplying users with time to focus on providing superior service.
  • Integrating software products provides greater flexibility and scalability by allowing systems to perform more efficiently.
  • Integrations enhance security by improving data flow to reduce the risk of a breach.

No software lives in a vacuum. Motili is no exception. Motili’s platform has been integrated with other platforms to enhance user experiences.

“Integration with other platforms allows for a better user experience for the users of the other platforms. Without it we’d have a lot of switching back and forth between those apps and the Motili platform to get things done,” explained Suresh Thakoor, Motili’s Technical Product Manager and Scrum Master. “If you have to keep switching apps all the time, you’ll get annoyed users. For our integration partners, they can seamlessly integrate with us and not have to step inside our platform, they can make it all happen through their own app.”

What platforms has Motili integrated with while forging the path to success? Motili’s valuable software partnerships include fellow technology brands such as RealPage and Coupa, as well as Yardi’s Voyager and Marketplace products.


RealPage is a multinational corporation that provides software solutions for property management companies in the multifamily, commercial, single-family, and vacation rental housing sectors. The company’s technology platform helps real estate owners and property managers improve their customer relationships. Motili utilizes RealPage’s marketplace and work order components. The integration allows property owners to access Motili’s distribution and supplies so the company can fulfill their requests with Goodman and Daikin distribution centers.

Yardi Voyager

Yardi is a software vendor that offers applications for property management and real estate companies of any size. With Yardi Voyager, real estate companies can better manage operations, execute leasing, run analytics, and provide innovative services for tenants, residents, and investors. Thanks to Motili’s integration with Yardi Voyager, the company can execute preventative maintenance work orders, as well as repair and replacement work orders, inside of Yardi Voyager.

How does Yardi Voyager assist Motili with the labor side of work orders? Motili sends a contractor, who collects a preventative maintenance checklist using the Motili platform. The data – along with photos – are sent to the client who views it using Yardi Voyager. The integration helps property managers access data about all their ongoing projects from the Yardi Voyager platform.

Yardi Marketplace

Motili’s software is also integrated with Yardi Marketplace, a component of the Yardi Procure to Pay Suite that combines supply procurement, invoice processing, vendor management and payments into a single software solution. The platform provides a single online shopping source, similar to an for building owners and managers. For example, a building owner can use Yardi Marketplace to order anything from HVAC and refrigeration products to hardware and lighting to trash cans and batteries. The Motili integration helps to streamline the supply chain for the HVAC component of Yardi Marketplace. 


Coupa is a global technology platform that facilitates Business Spend Management. Users can see all of their business spending in one place to improve cost control, compliance and other spending management processes. The platform also features a product catalog and work order fulfillment engine. Motili uploads a product catalog that can be ordered through Coupa, which in turn creates a work order in the Motili system. The process helps Motili send contractors faster and it streamlines SLAs, which then help improve resident satisfaction. Plus, Motili can invoice back into Coupa, which further supports the efficiency of property management.

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Ready to learn How Motili can help your business?

Send us just a little info and we will get back to you to walk you through the demo.