How to Manage Your “Costs Behind The Walls”

Manage Your Behind The Wall Costs

What are “behind the wall” costs?

Behind the wall costs are some of the most significant costs associated with single-family property management and ownership – everything that sits behind the walls of a home.

These types of costs include heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical and other infrastructure which is hidden from view.

This infrastructure could be difficult for homeowners and property managers to reach, and to manage.

Homeowners could also find it difficult to find the right contractor for the job, get them to your home(s) and get the results you want.

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In a 30 minute video webcast session, our single-family real estate investment expert Russ Williams walks through:

  • How to control capital expenditures – aka costs associated with acquiring and managing fixed assets, such as buildings and equipment
  • How to get enterprise contract pricing as a small property investor – we’ve been used to only the big real estate investors getting bulk pricing on HVAC goods and services – but there are ways smaller investors and property owners can benefit as well
  • Strategies to recoup “behind the walls” maintenance costs – as a property owner or investor, you want to lower your costs and maximize your revenue

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