Already familiar with MACI?

MACI™ is a Proprietary HVAC Asset Indexing System That Predicts Equipment Failure

The indexing system looks at a variety of data indicators across a large data set of HVAC systems located at single-family, multi-family and commercial properties across the US.

MACI looks at the age, condition, energy efficiency and refrigerant type. A score is assigned to properties based on a combination of variables which produces the MACI score.

MACI helps property owners and operators improve tenant satisfaction in occupied properties, and keep building systems running smoothly in non-occupied properties.

Asset Management Motili Multifamily

Motili Multifamily Goodman HVAC Rooftop

MACI Increases Tenant Satisfaction

  • Proactively replace aging HVAC and plumbing to avoid downtime.
  • Create an executive overview of a client portfolio, to assist the client in planning and scheduling capital expenditures.
  • Use the MACI score to determine which HVAC and plumbing assets need to be replaced and when.


Live MACI Dashboard Demo

If you would like help understanding the MACI dashboard, please request a demo from our sales team.