3 Ways Motili’s Coupa Integration Makes Managing Multi-family Properties Easier

Technology Integration

Large capital projects can often take 20% longer to finish than expected and can be up to 80% over-budget in some cases. Through effective software implementation and integrations, enterprise-level property management companies are often able to optimize major projects and generate significant savings – both in time and financial resources.

Optimizing Multi-tenant Capital Budgets with Asset Tracking Webcast

What is “asset tracking” and how does it help multi-tenant property managers and owners? As recently as a month ago, we visited a property where maintenance dates for HVAC units were being tracked on the unit itself, using a sharpie. Obviously, this method of tracking is dated and not very efficient. Asset tracking technology allows […]

5 Tactics to Optimize HVAC and Plumbing Operations

Balancing Operational and Capital Expenditure

Commercial building operators are continuously challenged to improve operational performance and increase tenant satisfaction, all while tightly managing both Operational Expense (OpEx) and Capital Expense (CapEx) budgets.

How to Manage Your “Costs Behind The Walls”

Manage Your Behind The Wall Costs

What are “behind the wall” costs? Behind the wall costs are some of the most significant costs associated with single-family property management and ownership – everything that sits behind the walls of a home. These types of costs include heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical and other infrastructure which is hidden from view. This infrastructure could […]