Freon HVAC Systems – is it Time to Replace Yours?

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New sales of freon, or HCFC-22 / R-22 refrigerant, will  be prohibited in the United States in 2020. Beginning next year, only recycled R-22 refrigerant will be available to service existing air conditioners. Most air conditioning units that are older than a decade utilize R-22. This is an emerging challenge that no multi-family, single-family or […]

Grow Your HVAC Business in Two Easy Steps

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Many HVAC contractors recognize that after long days of diagnosing problems, pulling permits, picking up parts and installing equipment, checking on employees and jobs, generating quotes, and trying to find time to bill customers… finding new work can take a back seat. You could be doing great work for existing clients, but what happens when […]

On-demand Service Market Is in High Demand

HTF Market Intelligence Consulting started off 2019 releasing results of its Global Online On-Demand Home Services study, which found the industry gaining traction worldwide. In the wake of Uber’s immense popularity, on-demand services are offered through software applications that manage a variety of data to match consumers with service professionals in a variety of industries. […]

Six Technology Companies Uberizing Industries for On-demand Convenience

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On-demand convenience has become the name of the game in today’s start-up economy. Technology is touching parts of our lives we never envisioned. Ever since Uber created software to help people hail a “cab,” it’s a race to adapt similar programs for all aspects of the service industry.

HVAC Upgrades Reduce Environmental Impact

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Homeowners and single-family property owners alike know how energy-intensive their heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems can be. In fact, HVAC systems account for on average 39 percent of all electricity used in commercial buildings. But according to the U.S. Department of Energy, upwards of 30 percent of HVAC costs are lost to waste. It’s […]

Single-family Rentals Are Growing Like Never Before

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The single-family rental market is booming and both baby boomers and millennials are pursuing single-family homes as a viable renting option. Did you know that 37% percent of Americans live in rental properties? This is the largest amount of renters since 1965. Single-family rentals are the fastest growing segment of the U.S. Housing Market. Similarly, […]

Virtual Reality is Transforming the Way We View Real Estate

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3D Renderings are revolutionizing the way we buy and visit properties. Investors and home buyers alike are now buying properties, sight unseen, with the help of virtual reality. How would you like to meet with your realtor, tour a dozen properties, and then make a few offers in just a couple of hours? Now, imagine […]

“20 Questions” with Motili CEO, Jeff Wilkins

Motili Summit Jeff Wilkins Keynote II

Motili CEO, Jeff Wilkins, recently sat down with HVACR Business Magazine for an interview and inside look at Motili. The interview covered topics such as Jeff’s background as a serial entrepreneur, Motili’s story, how Motili works with contractors, and how it impacts the property maintenance and management industry. We present you with the full interview, […]

Motili Summit 18 Recap

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What is The Motili Summit? Recently, we had the opportunity to gather some of the biggest names, and brightest minds in the multi-tenant, commercial and single family real estate and technology space, for an intimate educational and networking event. The first annual Motili Summit event took place at the excellent Maven Hotel in Lower Downtown […]

Optimizing Multi-tenant Capital Budgets with Asset Tracking Webcast

What is “asset tracking” and how does it help multi-tenant property managers and owners? As recently as a month ago, we visited a property where maintenance dates for HVAC units were being tracked on the unit itself, using a sharpie. Obviously, this method of tracking is dated and not very efficient. Asset tracking technology allows […]