SBOA’s Alison DeJaeger Interviews Motili CEO, Jeff Wilkins

Motili Summit Jeff Wilkins Keynote II

The following is a lightly edited version of an interview with SBOA and marketing firm G5. Jeff Wilkins answers questions on technology use in self-storage facilities and impact of technology in the self-storage space. Alison: If a property owner wants to capitalize on the power of technology, what do you recommend as a first step? […]

Motili Summit 18 Recap

Motili Summit 18 Poster

What is The Motili Summit? Recently, we had the opportunity to gather some of the biggest names, and brightest minds in the multi-tenant, commercial and single family real estate and technology space, for an intimate educational and networking event. The first annual Motili Summit event took place at the excellent Maven Hotel in Lower Downtown […]