HVAC Technician

HVAC technician

When you enter the HVAC business, you’ll often hear the terms “HVAC technician and HVAC contractor.” They’re often used interchangeably since both provide HVAC solutions. However, the scope of their services is different. In this article, we’ll offer some insight into the differences between the two.

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What Is an HVAC Contractor?

An HVAC contractor has advanced knowledge of HVAC systems and can help regulate a building’s air quality and overall comfort level to match a customer’s needs. They can also perform installations and maintain systems. But their general duties involve the business side of HVAC.

Contractors oversee large-scale HVAC projects and employ technicians who install, maintain, and repair systems. They must ensure customer service is at an all-time high so clients will continue outsourcing them for their HVAC needs.

How Do You Become an HVAC Contractor?

Most HVAC contractors need basic educational requirements like a high school diploma or GED to get started in this career path. Then you should complete formal training and enroll in an apprenticeship program to gain on-the-job experience. Next, you’ll need to complete the Section 608 EPA and state exam to get your HVAC certification. You will also need to ensure you get your state-approved license.

Afterward, the next steps are up to you. If you want to be your own boss, it would be best to get other related certifications to increase your HVAC industry proficiency. It’s not required, but it’s the best way to challenge yourself and increase the likelihood of obtaining more clients.

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What Is an HVAC Technician?

Only some people want to run their own businesses, and that’s fine. But being an HVAC technician might be up your alley if you’re more hands-on. As mentioned above, HVAC technicians are responsible for handling a wide range of HVAC duties, such as:

  • Installing air conditioners
  • Repairing damaged parts of an HVAC system
  • Optimizing HVAC unit performance
  • Cleaning ductwork
  • Replacing air filters

Like contractors, being an HVAC technician requires high proficiency in HVAC issues. If a contractor sends you out to a job, you’ll need to figure out the issue to keep customers satisfied. Most homeowners will perform system checks by themselves since. But they may not be well-versed in technical HVAC issues. 

After completing service calls, it’s best to leave customers with a preventative maintenance checklist. Providing this information is an excellent method to help them care for their HVAC system year-round. Plus, it reflects greatly on the contractor’s customer service.

How Do You Become an HVAC Technician?

To become an HVAC technician, you will also need to earn either a high school diploma or GED as if you were going to become an HVAC contractor. After, you will need to take courses and obtain HVAC training. ACCA has great resources such as this entry-level training. Many contractor companies prefer field experience, so seeking an apprenticeship would be worthwhile. 

One of your main focuses should be the Section 608 certification exam, which deals with handling and removing refrigerants. Since you’ll be hands-on, it’s an essential component of your repertoire. You may have jobs requiring the removal and disposal of the product. You’ll need to stay updated on HVAC refrigerant requirements since they may change due to environmental impacts. 

Furthermore, be sure to check on your specific state regulations and requirements. After ensuring you have all the requirements for an HVAC technician, you can set yourself apart by obtaining additional certifications to expand your knowledge and skills. 

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How Motili Can Help HVAC Technicians

Whether you’re an HVAC contractor or technician, Motili can help you thrive. The HVAC contractor app can help you accept and manage jobs while securing HVAC system data to help you make informed decisions. 

You’ll also benefit from Motili’s assurance of permits and inspections. Instead of wondering if a job is done correctly, Motili will review each installation to ensure standards are met. With the extra help, it’ll be easier to complete tasks and run your business more efficiently.


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Ready to learn How Motili can help your business?

Send us just a little info and we will get back to you to walk you through the demo.