Optimizing Multi-tenant Capital Budgets with Asset Tracking Webcast

What is “asset tracking” and how does it help multi-tenant property managers and owners?

As recently as a month ago, we visited a property where maintenance dates for HVAC units were being tracked on the unit itself, using a sharpie.

Obviously, this method of tracking is dated and not very efficient.

Asset tracking technology allows multi-unit dwelling owners, service managers and property managers to effectively manage and streamline a variety of service units, such as HVAC or plumbing, and many other applications.

Presently, many apartment complexes, hotels and other multi-tenant facilities still implement guess-work when it comes to allocating maintenance and replacement costs for heating and air conditioning units.

Asset tracking takes the guesswork and clutter of managing these units and streamlines the entire process, start to finish.

Not only does asset tracking streamline the management of the repairs and maintenance process, it also provides improved building data, improved maintenance logs, service manager alerts and more.

Check out our 30-minute webcast to learn more about the benefits of asset tracking.

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In this 30-minute session, Lindsay Hunt and Matt Sallee will cover:

  • Complexity of asset tracking in commercial buildings
  • Benefits of structured asset tracking
  • Executing asset tracking at property, region, & enterprise
  • Leveraging asset information for investment optimization
  • Strategies for downstream preventative maintenance
  • Asset protection
  • FAQs

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