Motili Releases MACI PropTech Tool

Just in time for the 2019 OpTech show, Motili unveiled a new proprietary property technology tool, for multi-family and commercial property owners and operators.

The new tool, called the Mobile Asset Condition Index, or MACI, was developed to provide institutional multi-family and commercial property owners and operators with a clear view of their HVAC systems.

MACI is designed with data in mind, using information gathered from thousands of HVAC units around the country. This revolutionary technology utilizes data gathered from Motili’s asset tagging projects.

When a Motili contractor reviews and rates all HVAC units at a property, they are catalogued, the data is then pulled into Motili’s technology platform and compiled into a MACI score. With over 2,000 contractors around the US, Motili is able to tag and track HVAC units in all 50 states.

Motili Asset Tracking Report Screenshot

MACI looks at the age, condition, energy efficiency and refrigerant type. A score is assigned to properties based on a combination of variables which produces the MACI score. This score is then used to identify units which need to be replaced in the near future.

There are several core values which MACI provides for property owners and operators. The primary value is clarity and visibility into the condition of all HVAC systems at a property and/or portfolio level.

For commercial building owners and operators who manage a significant amount of properties, repair and replacement often involves guess work and historical data, which is not always accurate. MACI provides accurate results about the condition of HVAC systems, allowing property owners and operators to make informed decisions regarding capital replacement project planning.

MACI also has a significant impact on multi-family communities beyond capital replacement. One of the key challenges in multi-family property management is maintaining a high level or resident satisfaction.

“Resident satisfaction is one of the most critical measurements of performance in multifamily properties.” said Karl Pomeroy, President and GM of Motili. “MACI allows property owners and operators to accurately predict system failures before they happen leading to resident satisfaction score increases of 20-30%.”

An interactive demo of the MACI tool is now available on the Motili website.

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