Russ Williams, Single-Family VP, Appears on Think Realty Radio

Last week one of our single-family real estate experts had an opportunity to sit down with Think Realty Radio host Abhi Golhar to talk about real estate investing, asset management and optimizing every dollar investors spend on “behind the wall” costs like HVAC and hot water, among other building systems.

Interview: Matthew Sallee, Multi-family VP Talks About Motili’s Unique New Asset Management Technology.

This in-depth interview is part of an interview series with internal Motili thought leaders and subject matter experts. In this interview we will cover: Motili Asset Management product overview. How this new product applies to multi-family property portfolios. Benefits to owners and operators. Benefits to HVAC contractors. Asset Management Case Study. Getting started.

SBOA’s Alison DeJaeger Interviews Motili CEO, Jeff Wilkins

The following is a lightly edited version of an interview with SBOA and marketing firm G5. Jeff Wilkins answers questions on technology use in self-storage facilities and impact of technology in the self-storage space. Alison: If a property owner wants to capitalize on the power of technology, what do you recommend as a first step? … Continued

5 Tech-driven Multifamily Property Management Techniques

Asset Tracking Project Scheduling Multi-family real estate owners, operators, and managers know that there’s complexity that exists across not just a building but across a region, and certainly across the portfolio. Keeping track of all of those assets outside of paper and pencil can be a real challenge, and so we’ve designed a strategy to … Continued

“20 Questions” with Motili CEO, Jeff Wilkins

Motili CEO, Jeff Wilkins, recently sat down with HVACR Business Magazine for an interview and inside look at Motili. The interview covered topics such as Jeff’s background as a serial entrepreneur, Motili’s story, how Motili works with contractors, and how it impacts the property maintenance and management industry. We present you with the full interview, … Continued

Motili Summit 18 Recap

What is The Motili Summit? Recently, we had the opportunity to gather some of the biggest names, and brightest minds in the multi-tenant, commercial and single family real estate and technology space, for an intimate educational and networking event. The first annual Motili Summit event took place at the excellent Maven Hotel in Lower Downtown … Continued

Optimizing Multi-tenant Capital Budgets with Asset Tracking Webcast

What is “asset tracking” and how does it help multi-tenant property managers and owners? As recently as a month ago, we visited a property where maintenance dates for HVAC units were being tracked on the unit itself, using a sharpie. Obviously, this method of tracking is dated and not very efficient. Asset tracking technology allows … Continued

How to Manage Your “Costs Behind The Walls”

What are “behind the wall” costs? Behind the wall costs are some of the most significant costs associated with single-family property management and ownership – everything that sits behind the walls of a home. These types of costs include heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical and other infrastructure which is hidden from view. This infrastructure could … Continued